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The art of the kill
The art of the kill
Jamming the  jugular
Cutting the carteroid
A flash of steel
Oh how much you bleed
A twist of the neck
The snap of the spine
Your body is paralyzed
Your body is dead
Hangings are hilarious
The body flailing about
Drownings are depressing
Lungs losing their air
My knife slips over the bone
Through the meat to your heart
My foot comes down on you
Crushing your skull on the curb
Scientists call it anatomy
Doctors use it to heal
My kind call it a manual
We use it to kill
The innocent see a horror act
The just see a crime to solve
The pious see a soul to save
Our kind see an art show
We kill for greed
We kill for lust
We kill for hate
We kill for fun
It's a state of mind
To take another life
It happens on purpose
It happens by chance
When performing the deed
There's an etiquette to follow
We must respect the dead
We must kill efficiently
Take heed when you give chase
That you may take our lives
But if you take us alive
Be sure to lock us up tight
You can't stop
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The Journey Begins Ch 2
Chapter 2
Shane paced a circle into the ground in the break room muttering under his breath. It was lunch time for most of the staff and Shane and Christina spent the time wondering what had happened a few minutes ago. Christina sat in one of the rickety green chairs while she picked at her food. She dropped her fork and looked up at Shane.
"Will you please stop that? Pacing around isn't going to change what happened." She said as she looked around the room. Though it was a spacious room, there were still other employees who could listen in or ask about the matter. Shane stopped pacing and sat down in a chair next to her. She noticed his eyes were moving as if following an invisible dot in the air.
"Sorry," He said quietly, "but I'm not worried about what happened. I'm worried about what will happen. I'm trying to uncover some sort of ulterior motive behind this. I mean, why us? He could have gotten anyone but specifically asked for us. Also, where did he get all that gold? There's no
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The Journey begins Ch 1
Chapter 1
The dirt crunched under his footsteps as he stopped at the top of the hill. The man looked out at the view before him: a town large enough to be mistaken for a city. He looked upon the inner workings for a few moments. He watched the vehicles rushing by, people setting out for the day and a few police drones hovering throughout the sky. It would seem to be just another rural town if it weren't for the ships flying in towards the spaceport in the distance and the occasional flying car.
There should be someone who can help me here. He thought.
He scanned the town and saw his target. He then set off on a brisk pace down the hill towards it.
Cars and cycles filled the streets, rushing to get to their destination while making their melody of sounds. One particular cyclist was very anxious, being late to her job and all. She looked up and around at her location in the street.
Ay dios mio. She thought before turning her NightCycle into the tangle of traffic. Making tight squeezes an
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Cave painting by musicman722 Cave painting :iconmusicman722:musicman722 0 0 Humanity's Fears by musicman722 Humanity's Fears :iconmusicman722:musicman722 0 0
I spy with my little eye
Someone who's about to die
I can take you out from afar
I can take you out in your car
I've killed many men before
Because of the men I work for
With you, I'm your supporter
Against you, I'm your habringer
I hide above you in wait
Patience holds me when you're late
I'm like an eye in the sky
One looking for the next to die
I watch you crawl out of your ditch
I say "Smile, you son of a bitch"
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 1 1
Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
Blood for blood
Truth for truth
I'm searching for you
I'm hunting you down
Every day and night
until you are found
Pay for your crimes
Repent all your sins
Even if you don't
I will still win
'Revenge is best served cold'
I say it could be hot
Any way it's served
You're in a tough spot
Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
Blood for blood
Truth for truth
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 4 3
It holds up the birds
It flies past the cars
Too bad you can't feel it
when sailing through the stars
It cools you down
on a warm summer day
It freezes you up
on a cold winter night
Don't fight against it
You'll never get there
Instead flow with it
You can go anywhere
It never stops
It never stays
It always goes
It always plays
Just be careful
And don't invoke it's wrath
You don't want to be part
of a hurricane's aftermath
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 1 3
The bell chimes
Twelve times
For whom the bell tolls
Like thunder, it rolls
The dead rise and wander
From here to on yonder
The Four Horsemen have come
The Apocalypse has begun
Famine sweeps the fields
Every crop will wither and yield
Disease strickens the healthy
All from poor to wealthy
War ravages the land
Destruction comes by his hand
Death consumes all alive
The souls cry when he arrives
This is the end
But only to begin again
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 0 0
I'm a liquid
I'm a gas
whatever you touch
It's always enough
I choke you
I burn you
I chew you away
Whatever I do, you have no say
Through the skin
In the eyes
Or down the throat
Any way is all i need
I can be cured
But you need to know how
Take too long
And you'll never know now
A coward's tool
A biological weapon
Whatever you call me
I can still kill thee
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 1 0
Who am I?
What's my name?
Where am I?
Is this some game?
These hands and arms
Those legs and feet
Are they mine,
Hiding under the sheet?
What is this I see?
What is this light?
It's like the sun
But it's still night
It's clear to me now
My name, my face
I know it all but
Now it's gone without a trace
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 0 0
We live by fire
We die by fire
We set the world alight
Every day and night
It is we who burn the sky
It is we who never die
It only takes seven
To burn the heavens
Only we can escape death's portal
Only we are truly immortal
We rule with our flames
Men fight in our names
I am one of the great
I am one with fate
Time is a passing breeze
It is today that we seize
I shall keep living on
I shall fly unto dawn
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 2 5
Destroy and Rebuild ch2
"Hey, get the tools!"
"Help me hook up the trailer to the truck"
"We'll need this"
"Where's my bucket?"
It was just before dawn that we were up and getting ready to go. We do this so we can get the most out of the day when we have a long trip to go on, especially today. We were packing up our tools of the trade: wrenches, blowtorches, crowbars, sledgehammers, analysis kit, sensors and a couple other useful items. As soon as we were done, it was sunrise and we were off. I was riding a customized motorcycle that could pull the same weight as a truck. Zach drove the truck pulling the trailer bed to carry any salvaged parts. Johnathan and Alex rode in the pickup that held our tools and equipment. We headed off in the general direction of our target while making necessary course adjustments. The rising sun, the whipping wind, the expanse of land and excitement of today made me feel like something good is going to happen today.
After a couple hours we reached the forest that surrounded the t
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 0 2
I'm smart
That much is true
But I act different
When I'm around you
Nerd, Geek, Smarty pants
Are all just names
But no one realizes
They're part of my game
Everyone's a piece
Everyone's a tool
People have different values
Be it benign or cruel
Make your move
And I shall react
When you go into defense
I will be going on the attack
I think and they come to me
Strategies, tactics, and plans galore
Once toward the end you shall see
The methods I use to obtain more
I'm no idiot, you know
I listen to all ideas, you see
Just one piece of advice:
Don't ever underestimate me
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 1 2
Steampunk v2 ch3
The sun beat down on them mercilessly as if to punish them for landing and disturbing the peace. The traveling group would have had heatstroke if it wasn't for the constant cool breeze they were walking into.
"How much farther is it?" Archimedes asked tiredly. He did not do much physical exercise besides having to walk around fixing things and improving them.
"About 1 kilometer left." Katri said in a reassuring tone, "Hm?"  She noticed a strange dust storm and saw a group of horse riders with a few carts. "Seems like we'll have company soon" she pointed out.
"Good," Drake said, "maybe we can find out about where we are going". On that note, there was silence until they reached the group of riders.
"Halt!" the leader cried. He had a big black beard and a bald head. "Who are you and where are you going and coming from?" he asked Drake.
"My name is of no importance nor are my friends. We are going to the village there and are coming from nowhere in particular. Where are you goin
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The Ninja
I am the shadow within shadows
The one to strike when the time is right
I am the hidden man amongst men
The one to kill during the cover of night
I throw my knife into your back
My poison shall reach your heart
The blade causes the bone to crack
It means you died before it ever start
I cast my tricks upon you
I disappear when I am seen
The air and light hide me
My presence which is behind thee
I am an Olympic athlete
But dedicated to the kill
I am a normal person
Yet one to make things nil
:iconmusicman722:musicman722 0 0


Restore My Honor (Giant Woman Parody) by Neodusk Restore My Honor (Giant Woman Parody) :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,056 121 Kill the Head by helena-markos Kill the Head :iconhelena-markos:helena-markos 63 5
The Goblin and The Orcess
The goblin was hiding in a dark alley, studying the "Goblins and Goons" target file he had stolen from one of his colleagues who, to his dismay, discovered someone had doomed him to kidnapping Miley Cyrus. Steve, on the other hand, was finally on the mission to capture someone of more prestige than silly Earth celebrities.
"Lasha Loudmouth.", he read, studying the profile of the Orcess barbarian he had set out to capture, proving to the higher ups at the agency that he was just as good at capturing adventuresses as everyone else. He would no longer be the laughing stock of his coworkers, reserved for the most boring of kidnapping targets. He would finally be somebody in the goblin kidnapping trade. And nobody would call him a failure.
It wasn't hard for Steve to spot his target. After all, when you are a head taller than everyone else, with a body of pure muscle, blending in isn't really something you can count on. Lasha stepped out of the general goods store having bought the supplies
:iconfantasypencil:FantasyPencil 8 25
starswirlCelstia by Digitalneo1 starswirlCelstia :icondigitalneo1:Digitalneo1 613 50 Easter Bunny by uotapo Easter Bunny :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,185 179 You're Dead Babe! by VangarShriek You're Dead Babe! :iconvangarshriek:VangarShriek 169 16 Bue by alcasar-reich Bue :iconalcasar-reich:alcasar-reich 531 75 Kill the Samurai by NickSwift Kill the Samurai :iconnickswift:NickSwift 1,034 35 Bomango: ReLaunch 31: Secondhand by VanHeist Bomango: ReLaunch 31: Secondhand :iconvanheist:VanHeist 303 169 Bomango: ReLaunch 27: More Purple by VanHeist Bomango: ReLaunch 27: More Purple :iconvanheist:VanHeist 276 63 Bomango: ReLaunch 24 by VanHeist Bomango: ReLaunch 24 :iconvanheist:VanHeist 268 64 [Mini Series] Laughter's Changeling by vavacung [Mini Series] Laughter's Changeling :iconvavacung:vavacung 817 64 Commission for LiLLi-ViLLa by AbsoluteDream Commission for LiLLi-ViLLa :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 2,845 310 Punk Ember by JimJamDoodles Punk Ember :iconjimjamdoodles:JimJamDoodles 172 12 Funny Breakfast by DarkerEve Funny Breakfast :icondarkereve:DarkerEve 1,309 97 Bomango: ReLaunch 18: Advent by VanHeist Bomango: ReLaunch 18: Advent :iconvanheist:VanHeist 313 102
Hey guys. Sorry about the radio silence but I have been very busy reworking my stories and actually getting them typed up. So far I have two chapters done and going to start a third soon. this doesn't sound like much but for me it is considering the hell semester I've had so far. Plus they are about 6-8 pages each. I will upload them ASAP once break kicks in and I have time to put down the book I'm reading.
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